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They say that everything is big in Texas, and perhaps they are right. Thousands of Australian holiday makers travel to the United States every year, many of whom make the trek to Texas. From city tours to getting out into the country there is are escorted tours available for you, but if you want to self-drive, you have that opportunity too.

From the metropolitan hubs of Dallas and Fort Worth, to the charming smaller towns and country highways and by-ways, Texas offers the Australian traveller, a welcoming taste of a by gone era, to the Gulf of Mexico, where sun, sea and surf join, for an aquatic adventure, whether that be water sports or fishing, to everything else in between, the diversity of Texas is astounding.

There is so much to see and do, with one must visit place being The Alamo, because of its historical significance. From the Natural Bridge Caverns and other natural sights to see, like Big Bend National Park, to historically significant buildings, museums, food and shopping tours, the zoos and aquariums, Texas offers the Aussie traveller a diverse and culturally interesting experience.

Why not get out of town and experience one of the ranches that open their doors to the tourist public and have your own “City Slickers” experience. There are so many options available to keen Aussie adventures to get out and about in Texas, to experience, what we have grown up watching movies of the old west about Texas and her battle for freedom, to modern Texas, the vibrant and diverse state that offers so much, that one visit is probably not enough.

5 tips for visiting Texas

Understand the size of the state, it is huge, allow yourself time to travel around.

Whilst we Aussies, are a fun-loving bunch, the same can be said for Texans, when you are talking in the Lone Star State you will hear their famous drawl and how they can blend two to three words into one.

Watch out for the plethora of barbeque restaurants and cafes, they have some of the most delicious and affordable meals around, many with their own secret blend of spices and sauces.

Remember, Americans drive on the other side of the road to us, it takes a bit of getting used to, but once you have mastered the art of a left-hand drive vehicle, you will be fine.

On a serious note, to the innocent Aussie traveller, if you decide to go walking in one of the National Parks or rural areas of Texas, please be aware that there are bears, mountain lions and other critters out in the woods that will attack you. Personal safety is very important.

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