Bell County Cities Asked to Conserve Water after the Rupture of the Major Transmission Line on Saturday 0

The latest news in Bell County, Texas is that on the Saturday afternoon, a major water transmission line broke and forcing the relevant authorities to pump away more than 20 gallons of water. Officials in the Bell County say that a contractor was trenching around the area at about 2:00 pm on Saturday when they broke the concrete line that is 48 inches thick on Belton Lake at the treatment plant. This ruptured line transmits water to the cities west of the lake and include Harker heights, Copperas Cove and Fort Hood. This was the major line to these cities as it transported more than 50% of the water. Regardless of this mishap, the cities still have water they can rely on for drinking and other basic domestic needs.bell_county

However, the officials involved are pleading with the people in the affected cities to use the emergency water provided to them sparingly and try as much as possible to conserve it. Recreational water use such as filling pools, washing cars and watering of the lawns is asked to be out on hold at least until the issue is dealt with.

Atkinson also continued to state that they will have to pump out more than 20 gallons of water that is treated from the before they can start on the repair, which is estimated to cost them about $70,000. In addition, due to the size of the pipe, Atkinson said that they will be forced to request for help from the nearby cities, which will still have them working around the clock.As of yesterday however, Bell county cities are still operating on emergency water supplies. It is for this reason that the city of Copperas Cove has requested that all the restaurants remain shut on Monday 14th of July until 10am in order to help with the water conservation.

The Copperas Cove offices however as well as their facilities will be opened as usual on Monday morning apart from the city pools which will remain closed for the whole day, Monday. In addition to this, the Golf course, (Hills of Cove), will not be opened until 10 a.m.

Fort Hood on the other hand has all its fitness centers cancel all their trainings for Monday. Airmen and soldiers are to report to their respective work places by 9 am, while the contract personnel are asked to contact their personnel for times they are meant to report. The latest news in Bell County Texas, states that Ft. Hood centers for child development will however operate normally without any disruptions. – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen

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Bell County Cities Asked to Conserve Water after the Rupture of the Major Transmission Line on Saturday, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating