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Cardiovascular Care and Services – What Heart Patients Should Expect 0

People with heart conditions get treatment for heart disease involving lifestyle change, medical and surgical procedures and cardiac rehabilitation. Heart doctors such as a cardiologist, electrophysiologist cardiologist and other cardiovascular specialty doctors target treatment goals to relieve symptoms, reduce the risk factors such as blood clots or slow and reverse buildup of plaque and prevent complications accompanying the condition.

Cardiovascular care and services

You go to a heart doctor to get diagnosed and treated. Your heart doctor should be part of a cardiac team involving board certified cardiologist, electrophysiologist cardiologist, emergency medicine physicians, nurse practitioners and technicians, and are capable of providing comprehensive cardiac program and continuous care and service settings including diagnostic and monitoring and rehabilitation. Since cardiac treatment for female and male patients differs, your heart doctor should provide gender-specific diagnostic and treatments.  It is typical for a Cardiologist Sydney to perform routine procedures including diagnosis and treating cardiac emergencies in both outpatient and in-patient settings.

Highly skilled heart doctors may perform advanced procedures such as through the wrist catherization, SPECT imaging, or the so-called nuclear medicine when recommended or advised. More invasive procedures are also done for less discomfort and for quicker recovery. An Electrophysiologist becomes a part of the medical care team in cases of further diagnostic and preventive measures to ensure right diagnosis and treatment.

Procedures and surgeries

Your cardiovascular care and services must provide the right procedure or surgery to treat cardiovascular heart diseases including PCI or Percutaneous Coronary Intervention or angioplasty. After your electrophysiologist cardiologist diagnosed the need for Angioplasty, your cardiovascular care and services must be able to perform such procedure to open blocked or narrowed coronary arteries. It is very important to choose cardiovascular care and services with broad spectrum of cardiovascular procedures and surgery such as Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting and other procedures aimed at improving blood flow.  It should be capable of performing Cardiac electrophysiology for patients with abnormal heartbeats.

Rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation should be part of your cardiovascular care and treatment. Heart conditions like Angina or after procedures like Angioplasty, or heart attacks are prescribed with cardiac rehabilitation, which your cardiovascular care and services should have. Your cardiac team after the surgery or procedure will recommend you to a cardiac rehab team that designed a medically supervised program to improve your well-being while recovering.  Part of rehab program includes exercise training that teaches patients of safe exercise and in improving stamina. Education and counseling are also part of the rehab program to lower the risks of future heart issues.

If you’re a heart patient, it’s best to go to the right heart doctor and to a cardiovascular care and services to help you get the right treatment.

Most heart ailments are dangerous. Have a regular check up or diagnosis. Contact


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Not Sure Whether to Vacuum Seal Food or Not? 0

Vacuum sealing is a popular way of storing and preserving food in many Australian households. There are two popular types of vacuum sealers available, the countertops and the handheld using vacuum bags. Countertop sealer is good for large storing while handheld using vacuum sealer rolls is good for small portion storing. So, what do you get from vacuum sealing?

Food tastes and looks good, and has better texture after storage

Highland hamVacuum-sealed food tastes and looks better when taken out of the freezer or refrigerator because food vacuum sealers inhibit the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria that ruin the taste, appearance and texture of food. Vacuum sealing deprives food bacteria of oxygen and prevents them by consuming the food. Meat and poultry stored inside vacuum sealer rolls have better texture because the food is protected from freezer burn and dehydration, which caused the meat to taste bland, cottony and flavorless.

Saves money

Because molds, fungus, and bacteria growth is prevented, there is less food spoilage and when there is less food spoilage, you save money.

Longer shelf life

Vacuum -sealed food has shelf life longer than food stored in ordinary plastic bags or containers. Refrigerated beef and poultry in plastic bags or containers last about 1-3 days but when stored in vacuum sealer rolls and vacuum-sealed, it lasts about 2 weeks. Refrigerated fruits and veggies in plastic bags is about 2-7 days and when vacuum-sealed, it lasts about 1-2 weeks. Cheese stored in vacuum bags lasts about 4-8 months and soups and sauces is about 2-3 weeks. Fish and pork is about 2 weeks.

Is vacuum sealing really safe?

With all these benefits, there are also some talks of health risks in using vacuum sealers for storing food. Study shows that bacteria proliferate even in oxygen-depleted environment and the so-called pathogenic bacteria can thrive in such condition causing dangers of food borne diseases. However, preparing and storing food in clean and uncontaminated environment addresses this issue. Another one is buying your vacuum sealers from authorized dealers ensure you’re getting government- approved and high quality products. Authorized vacuum sealers are stamped as freezer or refrigerator storage fit. Users are guaranteed against overheating and rated as BFA-free for maximum safety and hygiene. All authorized household vacuum sealing products are dishwasher and microwave-safe.

When you have no issues following the proper and correct way and the safety guidelines, you’ll never get confused whether to vacuum seal food or not.

Food vacuum sealing is now earning popularity to household and commercial food storage. No doubt, it is beneficial.

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