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5 Best Places To Go In Texas. 0

Texas is considered to be one of the best places to visit by Australian tourists because of its good climate and beautiful scenery, Texan culture and diverse . If you are asking yourself why visit Texas? In this article we have a presentation of the best places to go in Texas.

With a small town feel to it, no wonder it is often described as one of the best cities to visit, not just in Texas but across the country. With a beautiful nineteenth century architecture dotting the city and great galleries to visit, is a beautiful city that will benefit even more, thanks to its proximity to Dallas which is nothing more than an hour away. So if you’re looking for a tip of the big city, you always have the option of driving there. It has a low crime rate, a large center, affordable housing, and many jobs.
Some of the most recognized companies in the world and we’re talking about Fortune 500 companies as AT & T and Texas Instruments based in Dallas, which makes it very popular among executives and entrepreneurs seeking start-up. It is also home to the Dallas Cowboys, has a huge athletic base is definitely one of the most famous cities in the state of Texas. Dallas also is known for its art and culture scene that is rich and is home to some very well known museums and art centers. Its cuisine is also well known and popular throughout the country.
San Antonio
If you love history, then you should consider moving to San Antonio. Is home to the National Historic District Vilita, Alama, and the San Antonio River Walk. It is the second largest city in the state, and has an economy that is the envy of some of its neighbors. Has a maximum of four military bases located there. It is located near the Guadalupe River and is home to 35 golf courses and parks 100. It’s one of those cities that is very popular with families because it has everything a city has to offer while retaining its small town charm.
The largest city in the state of Texas is also one of the best cities to visit, especially if you are a young professional. Attribute this to the fact that this city is accessible, has many future job prospects, a large labor market, and usually provides income that is above average. This is also due to the fact that some of the country’s largest companies are headquartered in Houston that makes it an ideal place for young people to start looking for employment.
El Paso
A city that has been awarded the All-America City is a beautiful city to visit, and has a diverse experience. Residents of El Paso have little to complain due to the low crime rate, beautiful scenery and precious heritage of Mexico covered. Located along the Rio Grande that has contributed to its natural beauty and diversity in a huge way. The city is a haven for party animals and almost always there is a cultural festival in the city.
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Best places to spend your holiday in Texas 0

The city of Texas is quite a large one, and it is a great place to go if you want an adventurous holiday. It is made up of vast coastlines that are made up of all kinds of marine habitats in the US.

Texas is a state which is diverse and provides you with various activities to enjoy, from romantic getaways to country escapes and places to enjoy your vacation. Texas allows you to explore new destinations at every turn. Some of the best places to go when you want to spend your holiday in Texas include;

– Corpus Christi

This is a remarkable destination to spend your summer holiday in Texas because it h as the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches along with various sights to enjoy when visiting from Australia. There are Aquariums where you could observe a lot of marine animals as well as the amazing dolphins. There is also the South Texas Botanical Garden and Nature center where you can view the local flora.

– Galveston

This ancient city provides several beaches for all those who love taking dives and enjoying the feel of the beach breeze. There is a pedal carriage ride available which goes along the seawall. You can also check out the strand for dining and shopping. There is also the rainforest garden and IMAX theater situated in the Moody Gardens in the event you desire something educating. These places among some others are sure to keep you occupied throughout your holiday.

– Austin

If you are on the lookout for some adventure and excitement during your holidays, you can check out the capital of Texas known as Austin. They are referred to as the Capital for live music around the world and lead concerts and shows around the city continuously. This is a great spot for lovers of live music. Asides from live music, there are baseball games to be seen at the Dell Diamond. You can visit the vast amount of springs or lakes in Texas. There are fishing, boating, and other watersports available that are sure to get your adrenaline pumped up. For people who are into hiking, they can go to the Sculpture falls which can be located after taking a walk off the Mopac.

– South Padre Island

This Island is where the most beautiful and colorful beaches are located in the city of Texas. This island is in proximity to Mexico, and it is one of the most recognized beaches in the state. Asides from beaches, there are also beautiful dolphin watches, Schlitterbahn water park and deep sea fishing for those who enjoy fishing.

– New Braunfels

This is a remarkable place to enjoy your summer holiday in Texas because it is encompassed with flowing rivers and abundant greenery. The biggest water park situated in the U.S. can be found here. There is also a tubing excursion on the Comal River in case you want to enjoy the site. There are also cabins available for rent on the river shores among other fun activities.

The city of Texas offers holiday goes with a lot of exciting opportunities, listed above are some of the best places to go if you want to enjoy your vacation in Texas.

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Bell County’s History And Historical Churches 0

Old_st_lukes_episcopal_church_belton_tx_2014Five years after Texas has entered the Union, Bell County was named after Milam County. On the banks of Nolan Creek, County Commissioners are able to select a county seat and has named it Nolandsville. Eventually after two years, the name of the town was then changed into Belton and it has become official then. Belton’s first settlers have built their houses, saloons, stores, hotels, and other infrastructures. When they lined up behind the South, the town has prospered until the Civil War. Things went out of the way for the South during that time and Belton was greatly affected, making it suffer through tough times. When the 1800s came, Belton was able to flourish once again after it was able to recover from the war. Up to this date there are still some historical churches in Bell County, Texas that can still be found.

Bell County has been through an amazing history which greatly involves its churches in town. Texas has been famous for its “cowboys” but despite that idea, many people don’t know that Texas, particularly Bell County, is a home to some historic churches.

Way back in 1828, the formation of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the North took place. After 16 years, the Methodist Episcopal Church in the South was formed due to the consequence of debates over slavery during that time. This separation has resulted to the formation of the Mount Zion Methodist Church.

For 30 years (1844 – 1874), the minister of the Mount Zion UMS was Rev. R. P. Brown. And in 1878, Reverend George Sawyer has served as a pastor and lasted for only two years. M. J. J. Robertson’s property has been purchased by various trustees who included Isaiah Crofford, Robert Blair, Henry White, and Primus Crofford. This site has been regarded originally as being on one of the hills of a black community in the west part of Belton, known as Dangerfield. The house of the church was situated along FM 93 which was formerly named as the Old Nolanville Road.

After some years, Rev. R. H. Ponton was able to relocate the congregation together with the church trustees and has built a stucco building that is located on Nolan Creek’s South Bank.

The year 1939 marked the leadership of Rev. J. F. Muse when an agreement was done between the Methodist Protestant Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church. This resulted in the formation of the Methodist Episcopal Church of America. And in the early seventies the name of the congregation was modified and turned into United Methodist Church.

In 1970, an addition to the old stucco church was developed and completed four years after. Rev. Clifton served as the pastor during the restoration of the old stucco building in 1986. The building was then listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1990 after it was completed. In 1993, the 149th anniversary of the Mount Zion United Methodist Church was celebrated. This is actually the state’s second oldest black church and the oldest black Methodist church in Texas.

The First Christian Church Parsonage, built in the 1900, is also a historic church located at 608 N. Penelope St. The Old St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is another historical church in Bell County that is situated at 438 N. Wall Street. It was built in 1874. These are the historical churches in Bell County, Texas.

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Bell County Cities Asked to Conserve Water after the Rupture of the Major Transmission Line on Saturday 0

The latest news in Bell County, Texas is that on the Saturday afternoon, a major water transmission line broke and forcing the relevant authorities to pump away more than 20 gallons of water. Officials in the Bell County say that a contractor was trenching around the area at about 2:00 pm on Saturday when they broke the concrete line that is 48 inches thick on Belton Lake at the treatment plant. This ruptured line transmits water to the cities west of the lake and include Harker heights, Copperas Cove and Fort Hood. This was the major line to these cities as it transported more than 50% of the water. Regardless of this mishap, the cities still have water they can rely on for drinking and other basic domestic needs.bell_county

However, the officials involved are pleading with the people in the affected cities to use the emergency water provided to them sparingly and try as much as possible to conserve it. Recreational water use such as filling pools, washing cars and watering of the lawns is asked to be out on hold at least until the issue is dealt with.

Atkinson also continued to state that they will have to pump out more than 20 gallons of water that is treated from the before they can start on the repair, which is estimated to cost them about $70,000. In addition, due to the size of the pipe, Atkinson said that they will be forced to request for help from the nearby cities, which will still have them working around the clock.As of yesterday however, Bell county cities are still operating on emergency water supplies. It is for this reason that the city of Copperas Cove has requested that all the restaurants remain shut on Monday 14th of July until 10am in order to help with the water conservation.

The Copperas Cove offices however as well as their facilities will be opened as usual on Monday morning apart from the city pools which will remain closed for the whole day, Monday. In addition to this, the Golf course, (Hills of Cove), will not be opened until 10 a.m.

Fort Hood on the other hand has all its fitness centers cancel all their trainings for Monday. Airmen and soldiers are to report to their respective work places by 9 am, while the contract personnel are asked to contact their personnel for times they are meant to report. The latest news in Bell County Texas, states that Ft. Hood centers for child development will however operate normally without any disruptions. – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen

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Fun activities in Bell County 0

bell countyThe point when looking to take a Bell county vacation this Christmas season, recall that you’re not constrained to going by simply the amusement parks. Winter break means long lines and tremendous swarms at the Disney parks and Universal Studios – its better to visit these parks in the off-season. Rather, think as of one of the a lot of people occasionally fitting occasions going on the whole way across the area. With such a variety of occasion things to do, the zone offers something for everybody.

Occasion Shows

Guests to the range throughout the occasions have the chance to go to a mixture of theater creations. Lakeland Community Theater is putting on The Sanders Family Christmas by parts of the encompassing Lakeland group. The show offers the family from the hit musical Smoke on the Mountain on Christmas Eve, 1941. With more than two dozen Christmas hymns and a humorous script, everybody – particularly those acquainted with the characters – will be extraordinarily entertained.

An alternate highlight of a Bell county vacation throughout the occasions, The Lakeland Center is putting on Jingle Bell Rock, a fun-filled, vigorous show. This handling characteristics a live band, gifted artists, and Santa Claus! Fantastic tunes like “Here Comes Santa Claus” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” will place everybody in the family in a happy, joyful mind-set for the occasions.

Assuming that you’re searching for to a greater extent a fantastic to see on your Bell county vacation throughout the occasions, you can’t miss the Great Russian Nutcracker put on performed by the Moscow Ballet. For one evening just, be enchanted by the dazzling moving and staggering outfits and sets that leave pundits raving. The processing has been called “impeccable,” “amazing,” and “surprising,” and stars a gold medalist aerialist dancer from a prestigious universal graceful expression rivalry. With such excellent dance experts and an exemplary occasion story, this is one of the Bell countyattractions you can’t bear to miss. demonstrates to you will need to see.

Occasion Tours, Villages, and then some

There are a lot of people more Bell county attractions to go to throughout the occasions. The Christmas at Pinewood Holiday Home Tour gives you a chance to see the Pinewood Estate at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales changed into a sparkling, delightful occasion heaven. The 20-room, Mediterranean-style manor from the 1930s will flabbergast you. Assuming that houses aren’t your style, carry a jar of sustenance and another toy and tour Fly wheelers Village in Ft. Meade. At the nineteenth century town finished for the occasions, you can ride a tram, see the Christmas lights, and tell Santa what’s on your rundown.

One of the other can’t-miss Bell county attractions throughout the occasions is people in general ice skating at The Lakeland Center. The arena will be open for something like two weeks throughout the occasion break, permitting you more than enough time to skate your vacation push away.

For the gourmet specialists and nourishment fans arranging a Bell county vacation for after the occasions, Anthony Bourdain is going to the Lakeland Center in right on time January. The gourmet expert, creator of the smash hit Kitchen Confidential, and host of the Travel Channel’s No Reservations will engross crowds with his comedic stories about existence as a culinary specialist and his encounters as the “terrible kid of cooking.”

With such a variety of occasion themed things to do, the zone offers such a great amount of more than the conventional amusement parks. In the event that you’re arranging a Bell county vacation, consider these thoughts for occasion fun the entire family can delight in!

For more information about Bell Country in Texas, visit this link:,_Texas

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