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When it comes to selling your property, be it your home or building, there are several things you need to consider. It’s not like selling some of your old stuff online where you just post some photos and probably a short description of it. Your property is a big investment you made a few years back. If you want to get the most out of it, you need to contact building certifiers Sydney, prepare it for sale, and create the check list below:

1 – Perform minor but important fixes.

propertyWhat you need to do here is inspect your home or building wearing the buyer’s eyes. If you look at it as the owner, you will not find little flaws that need to be addressed. The good thing about minor fixes is that you are improving your property without spending that much. Do this before any building certification company comes in to inspect. Easy and minor fixes include repairing cracks, repainting dingy walls, and oiling creaky doors and hinges.

2 – Decide for yourself if you’re going to work with a real estate agent or sell the property on your own.

Of course, you’re expected to give the agent a commission but he will be taking care of the majority of the details in the sale. This is good for those who don’t have the time to be full time in selling their property. Also, by hiring an agent, you’re bringing experience with it. But selling your home can also be done on your own. Though you still should hire building certifiers Sydney for certification, it’s not mandatory to hire an agent. But for us, we still recommend getting one in order for you to ensure that your interests are best represented and that you get the most money out of your property for sale.

3 – Clean, de-clutter, and organize.

There’s also that immediate need for weeding out excess furniture as well as stuff that are no longer needed. Keep in mind that most prospective buyers will want to see a more spacious area instead of something that’s dirty, cluttered, and disorganized.

4 – Determine if you wish to do a prelisting inspection

Finally, it’ll definitely save you time especially if you are selling an old home. To have a prelisting inspection by a building certification company means identifying and solving problems that your buyer’s inspectors will find out later on.

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