Skill Assessment and Trade Recognition 0

If you want to ensure you’ll get hired when you apply for a job, make sure you got the skills required. You need to avail skill assessment to provide evidence that you’re suitable to enter the work force.

For professionals like doctors, engineers and lawyers, evidence of full registration is a requirement in entering the workforce. Certificates issued by specified Practitioner Regulation Agency are honoured as full registration and as a suitable skill assessment. For those allowed to practice only on particular speciality need to submit conditional specialist registration.

For those who have received little or no formal training should apply for assessment test in order to identify any skill area and if additional training may be necessary before entering the work force. Once skills are identified, a prescription for training is made. Prescription training helps list down skill areas and the corresponding skill trainings needed or recommended.

seminar trainingAn individual who has gained trade skills overseas and would enter work force in Australia must go to a skill assessment provider in order to avail skills recognition, which is a requirement for migration visa. This also applies for individuals who have gained trade skills in Australia for purpose of entering skilled work force.

Individuals who would be entering skill labour force are recommended to avail assessment for skills in order to avail occupational licensing for skill labour force like air-conditioning and refrigeration technicians, general plumbing, technical cable jointer, general electrician and electrical line worker. Those who want to get recognition for their trade skills such as metal fabrication, sheet-metal workers, welding and  diesel fitting to name a few are required to apply for a trade recognition for the purpose of employment.

Only approved recognition service for skills and trade assessment can provide trade and skill recognition and assessment for purposes of occupational licensing and employment. Those who would successfully pass the assessment tests will receive a Certificate III or IV for individuals with non-licensing trade such as carpentry apprenticeship.  On the other hand, those applying for licensed trade will receive Offshore Technical Skills Record or OTSR. The certificate will allow them to enter work force in any Australian state or territory. A pre-requisite is a satisfying assessment for non-skilled licensing.

Before applying, applicants are recommended to read Applicant Guidelines in order to have better understanding regarding fees, the programs applied for, application on TRA approved institutions and applicant’s roles and responsibilities.

Applying for skill and trade assessment and recognition is a must-do if you want to enter the work force with gained skills or trade. It opens doors to employment in fields or industries requiring skills and trade qualifications.

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