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As they say, every place carries its own uniqueness. True enough, Bell County in Texas has this unique charm impossible to miss out.

Looking Back

ttexasFounded in 1850, Bell County is one of the most historical places in the Texas area. Just like many areas in South America, this county was also inhabited by settlers whose main source of income was agriculture. In 1852, the county was incorporated under the name Belton. It was also greatly affected by the Civil War. Fortunately, Belton became of the most flourishing areas that recovered after the war.

Many historians believe that Belton would have been a more booming county if it had its own railroad system. During this time, areas that have railroad systems became a center for commerce and industry. It was only in the 1900s that Belton became a part of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad.

Bell County prides itself from its many successful residents. Among the most popular is former Governor Miriam Amanda Wallace Ferguson who hails from Little River. Ferguson was the first female governor in the USA.

Moving Forward

Today, Bell County stands as one of the most interesting places you’ll see in Texas. The Bell County Museum houses more than 12,000 artifacts that would really give you a good insight on Central Texas history. Among its collections are intricate clothing worn by locals in the 18th century. There are also artifacts providing a look at the culture and lifestyle of the county’s first settlers.

Also, a favorite in the Bell County Museum is The Little River Log Cabin. The 1850s facility has been well-preserved and could even be mistaken as a vacation houses. Its intricate architecture has been a delight for both kids and kids at heart. The Museum conducts guided tours for children 3 to 6 years old, and 7 years old and above. The Chrisholm Trail Monument is a replica of the historical Chrisholm Trail. Cowboy fanatics get all excited when they see the exhibit featuring cowboys driving longhorns to Abilene in Texas.

Head out for some water sports adventure at the Belton Lake. Anglers come to Belton Lake for its wide range of catch such as bluegill, white crappie, largemouth, white bass, and flathead catfish to name a few. Aside from fishing, you can also hike the Chalk River Falls Nature Trail and you will be awed by the beautiful natural waterfalls. Open to the public, this favorite spot is also a good area for picnics and quality relaxation.

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