The Best Places to Eat In Bell County, Texas 0

Tourists are welcome to visit Bell County all year long. Their activities depend on what their interests are. But, for foodies who travel to Bell County, here are some information on the best eateries the county has to offer.  When eating in Bell County, it is not just about the food, it is about the experience!

Green’s Sausage House, State Highway 53, Temple, TX, USA, +1 254 985 2331.

This place is famous for its Czech-inspired menu. It is a small, family run institution. It has a café, a meat grocer, and a bakery all rolled into one. It is one of the places that travelers can get a taste of southern comfort food. They serve their famous sausages to every visitor. The place processes its own meat products, including those made from deer and wild boar.

Megg’s Café, 1749 Everton Dr., Temple, TX, USA, +1 254 771 3800

Megg’s Café is another family run restaurant in Central Texas. The restaurant puts its own twist on classic American and Texan dishes to the delight of their customers. It lives by the philosophy of farm to table preparation and service. Almost everything is made fresh at the back of the house. The restaurant gets its supplies from backyard farmers. This 5-year old favorite serves some of the best comfort food there is.

Nami, Historic Temple Location, 19 South 2nd St., Temple, TX, USA, +1 254 778 0404

This got to be one of the best and most authentic Japanese restaurants in Texas. And, it is here in the heart of the state. It offers everything Japanese. Travelers can enjoy the freshest sushi and sashimi. Aside from this, Nami offers other Japanese specialties like katsu and tempura. But, it is the hibachi tables that call the attention of diners. They can get their steak, rice and other grilled items freshly cooked in front of them.

Cheeve’s Bros. Steak House, 14 East Avenue A, Temple, TX, USA, +1 254 742 2300

If visitors want steak, Cheeve’s Bros. Steak House is the place to go.  Located in historic Temple, the design of the restaurant gives it a sophisticated old feel to customers. The place serves the freshest salads and seafood. But, the star of the show is the steaks. The place specializes in different ways of preparing USDA Prime Tenderloin. And, they only take the center cut. It also serves other cuts of steak that is just as juicy and tasty. And, these steaks are huge.

So, if you come to Bell County, Texas, make sure to bring a hefty appetite with you and try these places.

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