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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Hiring a Wedding Planner 0

Planning a wedding is both exciting and stressful. It is fun to think and to decide which one goes in the ceremony such as the best wedding venues in Bali and others. On the other side, the list simply goes a long way that won’t let you breathe even until the special day.

Let’s face it! Being clueless is the biggest problem here. It is great that you have a checklist of what you will need. You might begin talking to some people but it will be overwhelming later on. Hiring a wedding planner is the answer if you want a stunning wedding.

Who should you hire is what to settle now. There is so many service provider in the wedding market. Though, not all of them offer quality services. If you want to get the best chance, here are the best tips for hiring a wedding planner Bali. Read this article and begin your journey to the aisle with perfection only.

Going down with what you want

Many people have already decided what they want for their wedding since their engagement. But it is more important to have a firm image of what really you need to see, it will be your guide in making all things happen. The thought will also reflect which wedding planner will you get for the wedding in Bali.

Hunting the right one

After deciding whether you want a fairytale or modern wedding, the time has come for you to find the best assistant. It won’t accordingly be that easy too. You still need to talk and interview many people to come up with the person who understands you and your budget.

Crowdsourcing is one of the best ways to find a reliable wedding planner. You could ask around which person has your relative or friend hire when they got married too Then, you could also browse the web for more options.

Translating the wedding image

When you pinpoint some Bali wedding planners, meeting them is the next step now. Make sure that you will do it personally! No phone calls or emails here. Meeting in person will help you decide if he or she is the right one for the job.

On the meeting, you should ask the wedding planner for a portfolio. Everything you need to see his work will be here. Be rigorous and share which ones are closest to your imagined best wedding venues in Bali.

As you get down into the details, you should also talk about your budget. You must choose a wedding planner that you are comfortable to share all. It is significant because close coordination is a must to make everything done.

If you feel like that the wedding planner can’t translate your wedding imaginary image. Let go! Don’t get stuck. You need someone who will understand what you want for the best wedding venues in Bali. Always remember that hiring a wedding planner is an investment for your special day.

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Things That Will Make Your Stay in Gili Islands Unforgettable 0

Indonesia is undeniably endowed with stunning island beaches such as the islands of Gili and Bali. Gili is a group of islands that include Trawangan where you can find numerous options for your accommodation. The options for accommodation in Gili Trawangan are among the best in the world because of the different amenities and services offered. For example, there is a wide range of options for the food that will surely make your taste buds happy.

Depositphotos_83885206_s-2015To make sure that you enjoy all the fun things and activities in Gili Islands, you have to choose a hotel accommodation that is perfect for you. Ensuring that will allow you to totally enjoy the following things that you can do in Gili:

Snorkeling and scuba diving

The marine life in Gili is overflowing with numerous species of fish, seaweeds and coral reefs. These make the islands such as Trawangan a great place to experience snorkeling. If you’re afraid of going several meters below the sea, then you can try snorkeling to have a feast on colorful and vibrant coral reefs and fishes. Exploring the waters of Gili is surely going to be tiring but fun. So, after a few hours of snorkeling you may want to head to your accommodation in Gili Trawangan to enjoy the flavorful seafood and have some rest.

But if you’re the more adventurous type and is not afraid to go deeper into the sea, then you’’’ surely get thrilled with scuba diving. The islands boast of its gorgeous turtles that are too cute to not take a selfie with. Lombok is also one of the islands where you can find kind turtles. After a long day of scuba diving, you can have a nice massage at your chosen accommodation in Lombok.

Yoga and Pilates

Surely, the islands have so many things to offer. There are also boat tour and extreme water activities that you can try. But enjoying the picturesque view of the sea is already bliss in itself. But there’s a better and healthier way of doing that. From your Gili Islands Bali accommodation, you can do Yoga or Pilates while breathing the fresh sea air. Now that’s something great for your eyes, body and mind. You can surely complete several poses while enjoying the beauty of the sea and the islands.

With these activities, you can definitely have an unforgettable stay at the islands of Gili.

When looking for a perfect stay in one of the Gili island destinations, it will not be tough when you have booked ahead.

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