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How to Achieve Chic Bohemian Style 0

Fashion trends keep changing every now and then. However, Boho-luxewhich has been trending in the last several years, is a style that seems to transcend seasons and generations.

In fact, we all know what Bohemian style is all about. It is a fashion statement that involves unconventional but creative styling. It goes against what is current and modern. However, it’s surprising that in recent years, designers, models and a lot of people with good taste in fashion have made the bohemian style look chic and luxurious.

Depositphotos_91573282_s-2015You may be trying out different clothes to achieve chic boho look but fails every time. Or, it may be your first time to try and highly consider boho-luxe look as your regular fashion style but doesn’t know where to start. Fret no more. Here are creative tips to help you mix and match, and achieve the look in a chic and luxe way:

Plaids over worn out jeans and wedge shoes

Any Bohemian-inspired look also spells comfort. This is why oversized plaid shirts are among the essentials of this style. It is also about being carefree, which makes ripped or worn out skinny jeans another essential item. To achieve that chic or luxe look, choose wedge shoes or leather boots to complete the style. Black color best fits any oversized shirt and jeans. You can complement the look with dark colored bags from Campomaggi. Another way to mix and match this particular style is to top fit-size plain colored shirts with flowy printed dusters. This will make the look truly boho in essence but without compromising comfort.

Layers of accessories over silky clothing and leggings

Looking luxurious with boho style seems unimaginable many years ago. But today, more creative ideas are popping out and helping fashion savvy women to really look stylish. Another way to mix your clothing items is to wear black leggings and any shoes or boots from Zimmerman. Then, top it with printed dress and oversized sweater. You can wear black leggings everyday while changing the shoes and top clothing. Wear layers of accessories such as several pieces of necklace to exude more of the unconventional spirit.

The dyed or printed maxi dress is also an essential item, which you can also wear with sweaters and boots or sandals. In principle, the boho-luxe look is a revamped version of an unconventional style but this time with the incorporation of expensive looking leggings, shoes such as edge and ankle boots, and flowy top clothing made from silky fabrics.

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