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Fire Safety in Restaurant Kitchens 0

When running a restaurant, eatery or fast food, you always have to practice safety on top of your business. This is to ensure that no disaster will happen while food is being prepared in the kitchen. The kitchen can be very busy especially when there are plenty of customers waiting for their food. Chances are, continuous flame is used in cooking various delicacies. While speed is important, fire safety should also be practiced. By considering fire maintenance Sydney in your establishment, you can run your business safely and at the same time earn good revenue.

Apart from keeping the kitchen clean and tidy, the following tips should also be practiced in order to maintain a hazard-free establishment.

Remove spilled oil in the cooking area.

kitchenfireIf you would notice, oil and water are two elements that cannot be mixed together however when these two are heated together, huge flame will arise. This principle is applied when food is served on a sizzling place. Oil makes the stove greasy and dangerous therefore, this has to be removed at once right after cooking. Make sure to use a dry absorbent cloth or tissue paper to remove the oil completely.

Put away alcohol products and other combustible objects near the stove.

There are certain ingredients used in the process of cooking that are known to be flammable. Example to this is cooking with wine or any kind of alcohol. Since this element can cause fire, it should be removed from the cooking area. Matches, sticks and paper must also be far from the flammable area. When flame surrounds the cooking space, water must be splashed instantly.

Unplug the oven when not in use.

Oven is an important device in the kitchen as this is used for baking food. When there is no need to use this device, it is always best to turn it off and turn it on when baking is required.

Ensure that kitchen can area can easily connect to fire hydrant systems.

When fire problems happen, it is always a common scenario that the cause starts from the kitchen. By operating the nearest fire hydrant connecting to the kitchen, fire can be stopped easily. This should be the first step in fighting fire while waiting for the fire truck to arrive.

You can never be sure on the occurrence of fire. Therefore, it is always advantageous to be cautious and prepared. For as long as you are guided with fire protection Sydney, you can run a safe and secure food business.

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