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Protected areas refer to those areas that receive special care and attention because of their ecological, natural and cultural significance. These areas hold high importance with respect to tourism and travelling. They provide shield to endangered species and help to maintain equilibrium in the ecological environment by restricting the hunting of potentially endangered species of plants and animals.

Cumberland Gap National historic ParkBell County has a population of 28,691 and this county is the American state of Kentucky. It is a dry county. One of its nationally preserved areas is Cumberland Gap National historic Park. This park hold historic significance as it is located at the border between Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky. This park actually includes a tri-state area. It is expanded over an area of 20,508 acres and almost 853,998 visitors saw it in 2012 to tell of its tourism significance. The visitor center of Cumberland Gap is situated on U.S. Highway. This center for visitors includes a museum full of exhibits that highlight Gap’s image as a corridor of transportation. Similarly an auditorium presents films regarding the national and cultural history of this area. There is a book store and gift shop as well to attract visitors and amuse them.

Texas stands second in being the most populous state of the U.S after Alaska. It is situated in the south central region of the U.S. Aransas National Wildlife Refuge is also a preserved area at national level that covers an area of 114,657 acres. It is located along the Gulf coast of the American state of Texas. It is situated in regions of Aransas, Calhoun and Refugio. This area was made in 1937 by the order of President Roosevelt. It served the purpose of providing refuge and breeding the birds and wildlife. Bird life in this area consists of egrets, Roseate Spoonbills, Whooping Crane and ducks. The fauna consists of collared peccaries, snakes, freshwater ponds, grasslands, marshes and American alligators.

Similarly, Angelina national forest is located in the east of Texas. Hundreds of species of wild animals live in this forest. Main examples include deer, wild turkey, dove, duck and squirrel. Wintering habitat is provided by the forest for bald eagle. Endangered species of red-cockaded woodpecker can also be found in this forest.

Caddo Lake is another place of considerable significance in this regard. It is situated in the Piney woods region that lies on the border of Louisiana and Texas. It is a wetland preserved under the treaty of RAMSAR and largest fresh water lake in this area. It covers an area of 25,400 acres.

Berry springs Park is another famous area in Texas. The park is situated on farm land along with many oak trees and waters that form a lake for the purpose of fishing. Visitors come here to hike, relax, camp, fish and barbecue with their families. The park presents a clean, up to date restrooms and fountains of water. Barbecue material is provided in a nearby facility with stolid picnic tables to prepare food. This makes it more special and very interesting.

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