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courthouseWelcome to Bell County! This side of Texas would never be complete without its range of attractions you’re sure to have your eyes on.

Explore our featured articles to get an overview of what places you’d want to check out on. On a general outlook, Bell County is best defined by cowboy culture. Take a tour at the Bell County Museum and you’ll surely have a great rodeo experience. After all, Texas ain’t Texas without cowboys!

The Museum very much offers an understanding of Bell County’s past. But here, we also move forward.

Take a fishing adventure at the Belton Lake. Boasting a really enjoyable shoreline, the Belton Lake is home to many fishes that anglers would have a field day on!

Water sports enthusiasts have also frequented Belton Lake for their dose of adventure. There are many water sports facilities that you can choose from.

Staying in Belton would never break your budget. As a matter of fact, there are good accommodation choices here that certainly fit every budget. Dining is not expensive at all. There are also market stalls for a great souvenir shopping experience.

The best tip for Bell County visitors can be summed up in one sentence: Smile, relax, and enjoy! We appreciate the help of the following

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